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Monday, May 23, 2011


Signs, they are everywhere. 

We just have to notice them.

I am not talking about the kinds of signs that surround us, you know like street signs and banners and that sort of thing.

I am talking about the signs we don't see.

The beauty in those signs is that they are everywhere in everything, a flickering light, a smell in the kitchen or even a T.V. commercial.

Today, I got just the sign I needed.  I was at the Magic Kingdom once again, along with thousands of other people.   We were headed toward the Winnie the Pooh ride and as my daughter Piper and I made our way through the crowds of tourists and locals, a country band of four set up shop in between the Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain. 

A small crowd began to gather around.  As the music started and the guy on the banjo began to strum,  I thought I recognized the song.  Maybe it was the Eagles or Steve Miller, or something like that.  I started smiling and then the guitarist started singing...

"I've been walkin' these streets so long,
Singin' the same old song,
I know every crack on these dirty sidewalks of Broadway..."

As soon as the first words came out, I knew it was my Dad saying hi and then I burst into tears.

That was our song...not your typical father/daughter song but we were not your typical father and daughter.

I remember when I was little, maybe four or five, Dad would pick me up on Saturday mornings to spend the weekend together.  I would climb into his big white Chevy truck.  He'd get into the driver's seat and I would stand next to him with my arm propped up on his shoulder.  He would turn the radio on and Glen Campbell's "Rhinestone Cowboy" would start playing.  We would both sing together, horribly off-key,  tone deaf and happy. 

My Dad had quite a few other favorite songs but he was most known for changing lyrics to suit his moods...Some of his all-time favorites were "Stop in the neighborhood before you break my heart" and "On the comode again, just can't wait to get on the comode again..."

Now that he is gone, I know that I won't ever hear his rendition of these classics, but I know one thing for sure, as long as I am looking for them, the signs of his presence are everywhere.

And like the glimmering lights on the Rhinestone Cowboy, Dad's light will still stay shining on me...

So open your heart and your eyes.

And just when you need it most, there it will be...A sign.

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  1. Darc...Such a beautiful story...It made me cry...Thanks for the reminder...I'm looking for my signs...<3