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Friday, January 11, 2013

Greek Yogurt


Where do you find it?

For me, I look around and take a minute to digest what I see.  For instance, right now-sitting in the booth next to me are a mother and son, he's about three.  He's resisting eating the Greek yogurt in front of him because Mom mixed it with the strawberries on the bottom.

"No, I don't want it mixed," he whines.

"But you said all morning, all you wanted was strawberries."

"Yes, but not mixed in with the yogurt."

After some debate, he finally gives in and begins to eat it, protesting a little here and there.  Hey, I can't blame the kid.  Unless Greek yogurt is mixed with cucumber and on top of a pita with chicken, I wouldn't want to eat it either.

So what this whole scene really reminds me of is how fast time moves.  It reminds me of when my own boy was three and now he's almost fourteen.  It reminds me that my daughter will be five next month.  It reminds me that even though my brain still thinks it's 25, it's really 40, and I don't move nearly as fast as I did. Listen, I'm not using a walker or a motorized Rascal, nothing that extreme, but I'm not gonna lie-being in bed by 9:30 is part of my usual routine.

And I like it.

But, sometimes we must step outside our comfort zones (which often include warm blankets and cozy jammies) and have a meal or outing after 8:00 p.m.   Take for instance, last night.  I met Rachel and Paula, two of my dear friends, for dinner then we headed to a bar, not to have a night cap but instead to watch Paula's son play with his band.

Yes, the time has come, now we are watching one of our children...

play in a band...

in a bar.

Shortly before they went on, and thanks to the power of Facebook, Jeremy and Kirk popped in to surprise us and it was like flashing back to 1992, sitting in a dive bar, watching a band and sharing laughs.  Except this time, we were all yawning at 10:45 and getting ready to head home instead of just getting started.  Oh how the times have changed.

With my ears ringing and my eyelids drooping, I gave my friends their goodbye hugs and kisses and headed home at 11:45.  Boy was I grateful the bar was in HB and my drive was only five minutes because I'm not sure I could have made it much later.  Pathetic?  Perhaps.  But still, I was so glad I went because even as the remnants of the blaring music continued to penetrate my eardrums, I was so happy I stepped outside of my usual routine to be in this moment with people I care deeply for and what I was left with was a feeling of connection.  A connection to these friends who have known me for longer than I can remember and with whom I share history, and I felt a sense of gratitude for having that connection because I know it's rare.

So being connected, being present-that really is what I am trying to be about in every aspect of my life.  Knowing that time is fleeting just gives me more reasons to embrace every experience and all of the relationships I have been blessed and lucky enough to share.

Since I've been writing, the little boy and his mom finished up and left.  I think they were heading to the park.  I wanted to tell her to enjoy this time, embrace moments like these because he'll be fourteen soon and then you will be sitting in a coffee shop, wondering where time went and reflecting on the days gone by, maybe shedding a tear or two in the process, maybe writing a blog, maybe going to graduate school...but I get the feeling she already knew that.

Inspiration comes in many forms and today I found mine sitting next to me, covered in Greek yogurt with strawberries.

Thanks kid, and next time try the French toast instead...

Oh and don't forget the strawberries.