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Monday, June 27, 2011

Everyone's a star these days...

I watch the KTLA morning news almost every day, it's my favorite.  I love the local flavor and the silly, sometimes idiotic banter between the hosts.  Oh and this morning they had THE one and only Tom Hanks on the show, pretty impressive stuff.

Today Sam Rubin pointed out an interesting tidbit about how eventually it will be a rarity NOT to have been on television. 

With today's influx of reality TV and the virtual bombardment of non-celebrities and the lives they lead, it's no wonder that Sam's observation might in fact, be true. 

Long gone are the days where true stars were the only faces that grazed the covers of our flashy tabloids...Now the faces of our newest "Teen Mom" or "Housewife" are front and center on the racks of our local groceries and book stores. 

I am wondering when Hollywood will take back the reigns and start making quality shows again.  I know, reality TV is cheap and let's face it, we all get sucked in.  Who doesn't love a good episode of Celebrity Rehab?  With the unlimited show material out there, it's no wonder that any Tom, Dick or Snooki can land him or herself smack dab in the middle of the spotlight!

Kathy Griffin, self proclaimed D-lister (and my favorite comedienne) is one celebrity who earned her chops climbing the steps of the Hollywood stairs and she is STILL jockeying for her position among the A-listers, even with a reality show.  How is it that the "Situation" has endorsement deals for Vodka and Vitamin water and a gig on "Dancing with the Stars" yet Kathy is still peddling Snuggies and T-shirts at venues all over the USA?

For the record, I am not a fan of the Jersey Shore but I am a fan of the tabs and the amount of fodder reality TV personalities produce for us valued readers is priceless...I will give you that.  The antics are certainly entertaining but C'mon, real celebrity status?  For getting drunk, having sex and fighting...Oh wait, lest we forget our dear Charlie Sheen.  Winning~

I will continue to hope that quality television will once again dominate our small screens but until that day...Do you think they are taking applications for the new cast of "The Real Housewives of Orange County?"

My best to you and yours...


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