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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Does Tweeting make you a Twit?

I got super excited just now.  Places-to-Yoga asked to follow me on Twitter~why am I so excited you might ask?  Because they are ONLY following 16 people and have some 1800+ followers so that's kinda cool! Makes me feel like they are really interested in what I have to say!

The last time I got this excited about Twitter was when Emilio Estevez requested to follow me.  It wasn't until I saw that he pretty much asked anyone who followed him if he could reciprocate...Ah the let down.  Anyway, he does follow me and after all, he IS related to the man with Adonis DNA and tiger blood so I guess that is a plus.

I'm still waiting to hear back from Deepak Chopra.

So that gets me thinking...Is this new wave of social networking going to completely take over?  Will we ultimately get stuck to our computers with no actual human contact, save for a trip to the market or a restaurant? Will social networking sites determine how many "friends" we have? 

In any case, I am hoping that this means of interaction doesn't replace good ole' fashioned conversation.  It's a staple in my life and while I can't knock media, I think of many times we could do better without it.  Having a degree in communications, I realize that my line of work depends on all sources of media, however I have sort of a grass roots notion that human interaction is a far better way of conveying thoughts and emotions than an email, text or tweet!

That being said, I do believe that social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and the now somewhat defunct MySpace, have allowed so many people, businesses and organizations to promote their products and messages at  little or no cost.  Where else can someone have their own free Web page with access from just about anywhere?  Except for the occasional hacker hijacking your email, it's a small price to pay for significant rewards.  Facebook and Twitter have most certainly paved the way for the future of social networking sites.

As an aspiring writer, I am using both Twitter and Facebook to promote my blog.  How can I question the validity of the primary means in which I share my work?  Well, because some day I hope to actually write a whole entire real book.  One that will be published on paper and not only available at iTunes and but on the shelves at Barnes and Noble!  And I would like to go on a book tour.  Without actual books, what will I sign, headshots?  Well I guess that could work...(tee hee).

My son told me that books were becoming obsolete.  He says that all of the "scientists" are predicting that books are in fact, going the way of the dinosaur.  "Good" I said, "Then I guess I've got a jump start on collecting and they oughta be worth something one day!"  Of course most of his sources are from WikiPedia, YouTube and the Discovery Channel so I wouldn't completely rule out that his "sources" are a tad bit unreliable.

Well until the day comes that all books are electronic, I will cherish and love my hard covers and paperbacks and I will continue to post my blog and promote it through all available means, be it electronic or through face to face contact!  I will not give up hope that some day our worlds will be united and the Kindles and Nooks will walk freely with the humans...

Seriously folks, I just want you all to know that I do appreciate your following my writing and I will continue to shamelessly self-promote right here on this very Web page, Facebook and Twitter. 

You can find me on Facebook at Darcy Davies-Alsop or tweeting at @DarcyAlsop...

So, I guess you can consider me at Twit.


  1. I'm a twit too Darc, great article! Thanks for the insight!!! Shawn