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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do I need dentures?

Do you ever have that dream where you teeth fall out?

I did, again.  Last night.  It's one that plagues my sleep quite often.  According to my sources (and those sources being a quick Google search on the Internet), my dream seems to signify some anxiety.  Well, that makes sense since I am going to be getting on a plane in about four hours. 

Flying is one of my least favorite things to do and yet I find myself in the air at least two times a year if not more.  Heck, last year I flew over the Atlantic...TWICE! 

That said, even with this fear, I don't let it hold me back from doing one of the things I love most which is traveling.  I love to explore new places and see how other people live. 

My friends have often told me that traveling with me is a lot like traveling with and 80 year-old woman.  I absorb the scenery and ask rhetorical questions about the architecture and the landscape.  I wonder what the houses and apartments are furnished with.  I wonder if the people inside are happy.

I know exactly why I am having anxiety today...Today we (Chris and I) fly without our children.  That always produces a little extra stress on many levels but mostly because I fear the plane crashes and we leave our children as orphans. 

Depressing?  Yes, quite. The rational person inside knows that the likelihood of this happening is slim to none. But the irrational, overprotective and emotional mother still can't escape thinking about this possibility, be it ever so slight.  Clearly so much so that is manifests itself in my dreams.  In the form of missing teeth.

With all that said, I do feel a little better about recognizing this fear and sharing it with any and all who care to read. 

Wish me luck folks, as we are off to the wild blue yonder.  Well Seattle really, so that means grey skies and rain. And just in case, I'll make sure I've packed my retainer.

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