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Friday, August 5, 2011

Goooooaaaaalllll! And I'm not talking soccer...

So they say in order to reach your goals, you should take baby steps...

Who are "they" anyway?  Well I suspect "they" are experts.  How do "they" become experts, one might ask...

Through research, study, polls, surveys, statistical analysis and sometimes self proclamation. 

So in my non-expert opinion, I think goals are essential.  They give us something to work toward and taking baby steps might be the best way to get there.

But, if your goal is a rather simple one, maybe like taking a swim in an unheated pool, perhaps it's best to suck it up and, quite literally jump in, forgetting about baby steps entirely...Yet as we attempt to ease ourselves into the cold water we often move at a snail's pace submerging ourselves inch by inch as the tepid fluid surrounds our shivering flesh.  C'mon, we all know that once the water hits the stomach, we scrunch our shoulders up and cringe until we finally say screw it and dunk ourselves!

Some might argue that easing into the water is the only way to go, while others would insist that jumping in with a running start is the better option.

With all goals, it takes a little time to determine the best method to achieve them.  We have to think about our approach, and whether we take baby steps or giant leaps, we still must have a plan in order to reach our target.

That's where the experts weigh in...

When I googled "goal setting," something around 22 million sites came up so it seems that there are plenty of expert opinions, options and offerings on the ways in which we can set and accomplish our intentions.  Frankly I don't have the time to sift through millions of Web sites to take their free quizzes or read their detailed instructions, therefore I will throw out my very own strategy for accomplishing your objective...Take it or leave it, no pressure here.

1) Define your goal
i.e. Write a book.

2) Come up with a plan to accomplish said goal
i.e. Develop an idea

3) Outline your strategy
i.e. Make a list of steps of what you need to do

4) Begin with step one...(remember, baby steps)
i.e. Write 5 pages today (or maybe a sentence)

5) Give yourself a manageable deadline
i.e. Finish by age 40

6) Cut yourself some slack
i.e. There's still 9 months left...hey, you grew a life in 9 months, you can certainly create a book.

7) Reward yourself when you have reached your goal!
i.e. Throw a kick-ass birthday/book launch party!

Ok, so maybe I have outlined my personal goal for the next year but I thought it would be a good idea to give a real life example, plus now that I have put it out there, I have to hold myself to it, right? 

I am the kind of person who needs to collect a lot of information and then sort through it and figure out my approach.  What I have learned is that often I spend too much time researching and worrying about the outcome that I find myself procrastinating instead of just digging in. 

My dear friend Dale (also a blogger and talented all around gal) has written many inspiring pieces about seizing the day and creating from within.  I am taking all of that to heart and as I've said it before, we don't have a whole lot of time on this planet.  It's not worth it to sit around second-guessing and questioning every little aspect, thought and idea we have because it might not be perfect, who has time for that junk? 

So kids, set your goals for today, be them large or small, and make a genuine effort to accomplish them.  In the end, you will be happy and satisfied that you tried and that is a reward in and of itself.  

Carpe Diem as they say!  Here's my Friday to do list:

Practice (at least) one random act of kindness-

That's it, not too heavy and I don't need baby steps in order to accomplish them.

The water might be chilly but today I am diving right in!

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